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This Month's Topic: Cover Material Options

We have all been told to “never judge a book by its cover.” Although this may be true, it certainly doesn’t mean a book cover is unimportant. In fact, covers are the face of your product, and an attractive cover can draw attention and generate interest in your book and message. Let’s take a look at case binding, a strong cover option that protects book signatures while creating a handsome display:

The cover options from Pease Bindery allow you to create handsome, long-lasting book products.

Case Binding
Also known as “turned-edge” binding, case binding is produced by gluing cover materials around a board and folding or “turning” the material over the board edges to create a wrap. The main advantage of case binding is its versatility. There are a wide range of cover substrate and design choices, including cloth, vinyl, and offset or digitally-printed and laminated paper. One popular turned-edge material is Bonded leather, a composite leather that’s available in a variety of finishes.

Books aren’t the only projects that can benefit from these cover material choices. For example, items such as pad holders, date books and menus can all take advantage of turned-edge production to create attractive, distinctive products.

The Pease Advantage
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Pease Bindery has been providing post-press solutions for more than 90 years. With a range of bookbinding and loose-leaf solutions and decorating options to bring your project to life, Pease is positioned to make your inspirations a reality. Contact us to begin planning your next successful book or loose-leaf project today.

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