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This Month's Topic: Turned Edge and What You Should Know

Turned edge construction, often referred to as case binding, describes to the process of wrapping a cover material around a board. Called hardback or clothbound by booksellers, turned edge construction is available in a wide range of cover choices and provides protection for your book signatures in a handsome and classic appearance. Let's take a look at how it's pulled together:

The inside corner of this turned-edge piece shows how the cover material is wrapped around the board and covered with the product's endsheet.

Crafting Turned-Edge Case Bound Products
Turned-edge construction is built around the boards that encase the book signatures. The basis for all turned-edge applications, boards are constructed from chipboard, pressboard or other sturdy, lightweight products. Board thickness is determined by book weight and trim size. A thinner book might require a 60 pt. thinner board, while a thicker book would demand a sturdier, 120 pt. board, which has the appropriate sturdiness to support the signatures.

Turned edge takes its name from the process of gluing the cover material around a board and folded or "turned" over its edges. Book cloth, four-color processed sheets, non-woven material and imitation or real leather are a few examples of popular cover materials.

Production tip: Creating a production sample, often called a bulking dummy, can help determine exact project dimensions - for signatures and spines as well as cover materials. Using your sample, your finisher can determine necessary dimensions which will provide an accurate project layout.

The Pease Advantage
At Pease Bindery, we provide our customers layouts that are specific to each project, and never force your work to fit established production guidelines. This care and attention to every product through the bindery enables us to deliver quality products in a variety of dimensions and materials. Give us a call for your next project and discover the Pease difference.

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