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Problem - Free Shipping

Avoid damage during shipping by packing skids appropriately. A properly prepared skid should have sufficient banding, corner protection and shrink wrapping.

Shipping product is an issue for every manufacturing process. In the graphic arts industry, there are actually two stages of shipping: getting product to finishers and getting product from finishers. Let's take a look at the differences - and how to plan for both

Shipping to your Binder
Though the estimate kicks off post press operations, production truly begins when your job reaches the bindery. Protecting your material en route to the bindery is essential to producing quality work. For example, some printers place $10,000 worth of printing on a 30 skid without proper protection, causing nails and splinters to damage forms on the top and bottom Similarly, skids without banding or tops can shift during transit, wasting otherwise useable material.

To avoid this type of damage, cover a quality skid with chipboard, place protectors at its corners and on its top and shrink-wrap the entire skid. Placing at least two bands around both the top and middle can keep product from moving and being damaged during shipping. Remember, the expense of proper packaging is minute compared to the cost of reproducing work that was damaged before it reached the bindery.

Shipping from your Binder
Include in the estimate or purchase order the exact location and details of your shipment. Will it be carton or skid packed? Does the final location have a loading dock that accepts skids? Are there stairs or elevators with size or weight limitations? Finishers can often make suggestions for optimum transit protection based on the details of the shipment and location. Remember, investing thousands of dollars in printed material is often worth the minimal cost of protecting it en route to its final destination.

The Pease Advantage
At Pease Bindery, your projects are our projects. Our manufacturing and customer service teams are available to provide expert advice on designing, producing and shipping your jobs. Consult with the Pease Bindery team to deliver your next bookbinding product!

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