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Don't Cut Corners When it Comes to Quality

Strong endsheets are a critical component in the success of a case-bound book. At Pease Bindery, we recommend endsheets of at least 100lb. book stock to create strong, long-lasting books.

Creating projects that last often begins with quality materials and process specifications that keep the habits and environment of the end user in mind form the start. At Pease Bindery, we've learned there are some places where you simply shouldn't cut corners. Let's take a look at a few quality-critical scenarios:

Endsheet strength - The main link between the book block and the case, endsheets are glued to casebound covers and essentially hold the book together. For this reason, endsheets generally need to be a minimum of 100lb. book stock for most products. Lighter stocks may not have the strength to hold your books together for the lifespan you require.

Uniform signatures - Bookbinding equipment is highly automated, and is built to collect and bind pieces by size. Signatures that vary in size - even by small measurements - won't run as efficiently, and are generally more expensive to produce than projects with uniform signatures.

Don't perf - Many printers elect to perforate signature spines after folding to force the signatures to lay flat. While a flat signature is helpful (and in some cases, necessary), perforating signature spines cannot be done on Smyth sewn projects, as perforations remove the ability of thread to be sewn through the spine. Perforations can be made to the head or the face of the signature, which will not be sewn.

The Pease Advantage
At Pease Bindery, we work with you to determine appropriate materials and operations to complete your most important projects. Our quality control and customer service personnel will follow your job through the plant to ensure timely, efficient production. Contact Pease to get started delivering your next post press project!

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