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The Advantages of Directory Case Binding

Directory editions – phone books, resort guides and similar products – are generally left in public places at the mercy of unpredictable users. Hotels, dorm rooms and offices are just a few environments that can benefit from protecting their directories with the upscale look of case binding. Let’s take a look at a few advantages:

Protecting directories with case binding can add strength and durability to products that often receive rough treatment.

Strength and durability – Many companies and organizations that place directories for public use have policies regarding the state of the product. A directory with a missing cover or damaged spine is quickly replaced. Investing in case binding at the outset can eliminate the need for reorders later on.

Cover lamination – Casebound directories from Pease Bindery are laminated to add durability to covers as well as give images an extra “pop”. Many laminates are water- or grease-proof, adding durability and making them ideal for restaurants or industrial environments.

Design tip: Planning to include casebound directories in resorts, hotels or other hospitality industry locales? Consider branding your directories with a foil-stamped name or logo directly onto the cover of the product. This subtle touch of elegance enhances both the product and the image of the resort.

The Pease Advantage
At Pease Bindery, we offer case binding solutions for a wide range of products, including mechanical binding covers, pad holders, binder projects, Smyth sewn case bound books and more. With a line of decorative options such as foil stamping or gold or silver gilding to complement your designs, Pease is ready to bring your innovative ideas to life. Give us a call today to get started!

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