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Turned Edge Ring Binders

Full-color, offset-printed paper makes an economical yet attractive turned-edge cover wrap.

Turned-edge ring binders are a powerful solution for consolidating and displaying important, frequently-changing information. The term “turned edge” refers to the process of wrapping a board with cover material and turning it over the board edges. At Pease Bindery, we use this method to create ring binders and matching slipcases.

The versatility of this decoration style allows you to use a range of materials as cover wraps. Many of these materials can be enhanced with debossing, foil stamping, screen printing and film lamination. Here are a few details on some popular turned-edge binder cover materials:

Printed paper – Four-color printed paper wraps are popular for their economy and the creative freedom they allow. When used as a turned-edge binder wrap, printed paper should be film laminated to provide ample protection.

Book cloth – Specially-manufactured cloth wraps are available in several quality grades, colors and surface treatments to meet your design needs. Foil stamping and debossing are popular decorative touches for cloth-wrapped binders.

Imitation leather – For binders that must have an elegant appearance, imitation leather provides the look without the high cost of genuine leather (which is available!). As with book cloth, imitation leather is commonly combined with foil stamping and debossing for titles and logos.

Planning tip
When requesting an estimate for a turned-edge ring binder, let us know the bulk of your binder’s contents. This measurement will help us determine the appropriate ring diameter to use for your binders.

The Pease Advantage
At Pease Bindery, our turned-edge ring binder construction and decoration capabilities are geared to meet your demanding business applications. To facilitate production, we can even provide layouts for your printed paper turned-edge wraps if you require them. Give Pease Bindery a call today to begin planning your next turned-edge ring binder.

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