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Keys to Problem-free Production

At Pease Bindery, we think of ourselves as more than your vendor for book manufacturing and finishing solutions. Our philosophy is to partner with our clients to produce the best case-bound and perfect-bound books and loose-leaf materials possible. In every way possible, we give every project personal attention to meet your specifications, deadlines and quality expectations. The keys to Pease successfully meeting these standards lies in smooth production processes.

Here are our keys to problem-free production:

Accurate estimates

Communicating all the details of your project to us ensures we provide you with the most accurate estimate possible. The result is fewer phone calls, less confusion and more efficient production.

Remember to always include these basic pieces of information when requesting an estimate:

  • Book bulk or Signature count (For example, the number of 16- or 8-page signatures.)
  • Final trim size and dimensions
  • Quantity
  • Cover material
  • Decorative option, such as foil stamping
  • Is it a rerun? A rerun with changes?
  • Page count
  • Presence of crossover images and bleeds
  • Target delivery date

Prepare a Dummy

The creation of a dummy or prototype is an important planning step for complex projects. A customized prototype takes the guesswork out of complicated designs by allowing us to spot problems and find solutions prior to production. Contact us in the planning stages for help preparing a dummy.

Reduce transit waste

One of the simplest ways to save money and reduce waste is to protect your materials in transit. When preparing a skid, for example, be sure to place cardboard at the top and bottom of the load and at all four corners to minimize the risk of damage from exposed wood, nails and pallet bands. Applying stretch wrap to loaded pallets can also reduce friction damage such as scuffing and scratching by minimizing movement during transit.

The Pease Advantage

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Pease Bindery. So, we provide layouts, samples and advice—whatever is needed—to ensure the finished product meets your expectations. Call us today to experience problem-free production.

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