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It's Yearbook Planning Season!

There was a time when yearbooks were a luxury item for school districts, resulting in mostly private schools offering the books as a sort of memory almanac. Now every year thousands of schools put together yearbooks. Even home-school co-ops have yearbooks.

Consequently, a strong demand for printing and binding yearbooks exists from early spring through the start of the next school year. Planning yearbook projects as early as possible prevents delays and ensures delivery within schools’ ever tightening timelines.

Decorative options for yearbooks include imitation leather covers and foil stamping.

Yearbook Construction

Smyth sewn case binding is the best option because yearbooks must endure heavy usage and last for decades. In this binding process, signatures are first folded and gathered. Then, thread is woven through the signature spines from head to foot making a sturdy and enduring book block.

The hardcover case is created separately. For most yearbooks, a printed and laminated sheet or book cloth is wrapped over a thick board. White endsheets are tipped to the book block, then adhered to the inside of the case. The result is an attractive, durable yearbook offering one additional benefit: The four-page endsheets provide plenty of space for collecting the signatures and notes of classmates.

Decorative Options

Turned-edge – Printed paper stock is the most popular and Pease recommends film laminating to provide ample tear strength for the hinge/joint, as well as protecting the cover. Yearbooks can be covered with other materials, including imitation leather for a stately, academic appearance.

Foil Stamping – Pease Bindery can foil stamp or deboss yearbook covers with school names, logos and other decorative markings. Stamping makes yearbooks more distinctive. Pease is also capable of personalizing each yearbook by foil stamping the students’ name on the cover.

The Pease Advantage

As the yearbook season rolls around, contact Pease Bindery early for all your yearbook projects. Let us advise you on cover and decorative options. Early planning ensures we will deliver a beautifully bound product within your clients’ demanding timelines. See why Pease Bindery is your yearbook manufacturing expert.

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