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Decorate it with Foil Stamping and Debossing

This book cover features a foil stamped image on an imitation leather turned-edge cover wrap.

If you need to draw extra attention to a book and significantly boost its visual appeal, look no further than foil stamping and debossing. At Pease Bindery, we can perform these finishing techniques alone or in combination to enhance book titles, logos and other images.

The Processes
Foil stamping is the process of pressing colored and/or patterned foils onto the sheet to create a pattern or design. Foil (also called roll leaf) is available in a wide range of colors and tints. Gold, silver and black metallic foils, as well as solid colors such as blue, red and green, tend to be the most popular. Other choices include clear foils; pearl, gloss and matte pigments; even patterned foils to mimic the appearance of wood grain, leather or snakeskin.

Debossing is the process of pressing the cover with a heated, etched female die and matching male counter-die. The combination of heat and force impresses the surface of the book cover with the desired design.

Helpful Tips
Choose the correct cover material - Substrate selection is critical to the success of a foil stamped or debossed project. Overly porous stocks or cased-in cover materials such as imitation leather may require multiple foil stamping passes to achieve the desired effect. Also, keep in mind a textured stock or cover material may not keep the textured effect after it is stamped or debossed.

Avoid very fine lines - While experienced finishers can yield exquisite stamping and debossing results, these processes still have some minor limitations. For example, foil stamping designs calling for very fine lines that appear close together - like small lettering - are not recommended. Such small surface area is insufficient for the foil to properly adhere, and may result in the lines "bleeding" into one another and obscuring the intended appearance.

If you believe your design falls into this category, let us see a sample of the image or text in question. This quick step will let us offer suggestions to yield the best results.

The Pease Bindery Advantage
Accurate foil stamping and debossing production requires skillful preparation and plenty of experience; you'll find both at Pease Bindery. We can help you achieve excellent results on a broad range of book cover materials, including paper, board, imitation leather and more. To learn more about these and other cover decoration choices, contact Pease Bindery today.

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