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Signature and Cover Layout Recommendations

It may seem like "nuts and bolts" to all but industry newcomers, but signature and cover layouts are critical to the success of a project, both to the end user and the bottom line. Improperly-prepared signatures can cause production costs and schedules to skyrocket.

We've included our recommendations for Smyth sewing signatures and perfect binding signatures and covers below to help you avoid these problems.

Smyth Sewing Signatures

1 - Signatures should not be perfed on the spine, but instead at the head. Be sure to maintain a paper-to-perf ratio of 75-25 for sufficient strength.
2 - The final fold for all Smyth sewing signatures should result in a closed head.
3 - Signatures of 16 and 32 pages should include a low-folio lip of 3/8"; eight-page signatures should have a " low-folio lip, as they will nest to form 16-pagers.

Perfect Binding Signatures

1 - Signatures may be perfed at the head and spine.
2 - Include a 1/8" grind-off margin at the spine.
3 - Include " trim margins at the head, face and foot of all signatures.

Perfect Binding Covers

1 - Covers should include additional glue margins of 1/8" at both the head and foot, resulting in covers that are sized " over untrimmed signatures.
2 - Whenever possible, remove inks and coatings from the spine and hinge areas to be adhered to the text block.
3 - Pease recommends a cover stock of 65lb. cover weight or greater, with grain direction parallel to the spine. We will help you select an appropriate stock if your first choice is likely to pose any problems.

The Pease Advantage
Pease Bindery differentiates itself by offering customers a truly personal level of service. These tips are an example of the pre-planning help we're more than happy to offer customers on their case binding, perfect binding and related projects. Give us a call today to discuss your next important book project.

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