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Proper Packing is in the Details

Although standard-size cartons are fine for most books, custom cartons may be necessary for unusual trim sizes.

Packing and shipping details are usually a planning afterthought, but end users won’t think so if your books arrive in anything but mint condition. In fact, the best time to determine the packing and shipping arrangements for your project is in the estimating stage.

Protection is Key

Your packing and shipping decisions should be made with an eye toward offering your books maximum protection while taking minimal space. Pease Bindery offers high test weight cartons fitting most standard book trim sizes. Books with non-standard trim margins will require additional packing material, such as paper, added to standard-size cartons to minimize empty space for better protection.

We recommend ordering custom-made cartons designed to fit non-standard size books. Although the cost will be higher than using standard cartons, custom-sized cartons will offer the highest level of protection for your books.

There are a few other protection options to consider based on the size, weight and cover specs of your book. Film laminating offers excellent scratch and rub resistance, and can be economical to apply. Shrink wrapping also offers ample protection, and is a great choice for book sets and other combination projects.

Planning Tips

Provide Additional Instructions in Advance – For most standard-size projects, books are packed according to best fit. If you choose to specify a quantity per carton, you may need a custom-made carton – even if you have standard-size books – so be sure to provide these instructions prior to production.

The Pease Advantage
At Pease Bindery, no detail is too small when it comes to ensuring your books reach their destination in the best condition possible. We offer protection solutions such as film laminating and shrink wrapping to minimize transit marking, and we take the time to pack cartons, skids and gaylords properly for safe transport. Contact Pease today to put your next important book project in our knowledgeable hands.

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