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Planning a Thin or Thick Book

Pease Bindery can provide you with accurate soft cover and printed case wrap layouts.

Hardcover and softcover books at the thin and thick ends of the binding spectrum require careful design help and specialized production capabilities. At Pease Bindery, we have plenty of experience handling books of all sizes; here are a few planning tips to get you started:

Choose the Right Binding Style
The most important aspect of producing a successful thin or thick book is selecting the appropriate binding style. Pease Bindery offers Smyth sewing and adhesive binding styles applicable to most book sizes.

We advise Smyth sewing for books with a long shelf life, or those referenced frequently. This is especially true for thick cased-in books where weight is a primary concern. Another benefit of Smyth sewing is its layflat capabilities, greatly enhancing a thick book's usability. If usage demands or budget requirements don't call for sewing, adhesive binding is sufficient for thin and thick book applications.

Soft Covers
Color breaks and spine copy can be difficult to align consistently on a thin softcover book, so avoid these design elements whenever possible. If you must include spine copy, be sure to allow 1/16 of an inch around the spine text to ease registration requirements. Pease Bindery recommends allowing us to provide a cover layout for thin books.

Choose a cover stock thickness appropriate for the size of the cover. Pease Bindery suggests a grain short cover stock of 8 or 10 pt. C1S for thin books; thick books may require a cover stock 12pt. C1S, anything heavier may require die scoring to avoid cracking.

Hard Covers
Thin hardcover books are common among children's books, yearbooks and similar applications. Despite their relatively light weight, thin books still require a sturdy endsheet; a 67lb cover weight stock should be sufficient.

Thick hardcover books such as directories often make use of a printed cover wrap. Pease can provide you with a layout for these applications. We can create a customized layout using measurements from a mock-up of your book to ensure proper placement of cover design elements relative to the physical structure of the cover.

The Pease Bindery Advantage
Thin and thick book production are areas of expertise at Pease Bindery. Our binding and casemaking equipment is specialized for the production of a wide range of hard and soft cover book sizes, including custom and oblong layouts. Contact the book production specialists at Pease Bindery today and begin planning your next successful project.

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