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Planning a Children’s Book

Let Pease Bindery help you plan your thin hard cover and soft cover children’s books.

The market for soft cover and hard cover children’s books has grown steadily the past few years. Part of the reason for this growth is the increase in self publishing made possible by short-run book production capabilities. Pease Bindery routinely produces children’s book projects of almost every size, shape and run length. Here are a few tips to help you begin the planning process:

Thin Book Specifics
Many children’s books, whether hard cover or soft cover, are very thin with a relatively low page count. Thin books may require extra attention in these areas:

Spine Thickness – Hard covers for case-bound children’s books require a minimum spine width of 5/16” at Pease Bindery. This represents the narrowest strip of spine board used when forming the case. However, unlike soft covers books, one hard cover case size can fit a narrow range of book bulks. If you’re planning a very thin hard cover children’s book, let Pease Bindery help you determine an appropriate spine width.

Binding Style – Smyth sewing is the strongest and most durable binding style for hard cover and soft cover children’s books. Sewing is also preferable for books with full ink and coating coverage on text pages, where adhesive binding can result in reduced page pull strength.

A minimum of three signatures of 8 or more pages is required for Smyth sewing. When providing 8-page signatures, the substrate must be 80# text or thicker to bind without tearing. Adhesive binding may be necessary for thinner volumes with fewer pages.

Color Breaks – Spine copy and color breaks can be difficult to align consistently on a thin soft cover book. If your children’s book includes spine copy, be sure it's sized to fit properly on the spine with some allowance toward the front and back cover. Pease Bindery will provide a customized layout for your case binding cover wrap or soft cover.

The Pease Advantage

Pease Bindery routinely produces children’s book projects with both short and long run lengths. Our experience and dedication to producing only top-quality hard and soft cover books lets you rest easy knowing your books will exceed expectations. Give us a call today to begin planning your next project.

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