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Create a Custom Certificate Holder

Employees, students, athletes and other award winners are often presented with certificates as a symbol of their achievement. A custom-made certificate holder makes these awards even more special. Pease Bindery offers many award certificate holder decoration and construction choices.

Panel Formats and Material Choices
Award and certificate holders can be designed to incorporate a wide range of panel sizes and configurations. Single-panel pieces feature a certificate window on one side and a cover material on the reverse. Double- and triple-panel designs can include a picture or other item along with the certificate.

Material choices are similar to those for book covers; they’re meant to offer durability and protection while bestowing a distinctive appearance. Using a turned-edge process, materials such as printed and laminated litho paper, book cloth and imitation leather are popular certificate holder preferences. Add distinction and personalization by foil stamping and debossing the cover.

Inside, certificate holders can be lined with decorative paper, silk moire`, cloth and other materials of a similar or contrasting color as the cover material. The finish and weight of this material is predicated on the value and usage of your holders. A translucent sheet of plastic can be placed over the lining to protect the certificates themselves.

Design Tip: Involve Pease Bindery in the certificate holder planning process. We can help you choose the proper format and turned-edge material based on your specific needs and budget.

The Pease Advantage
Pease Bindery custom-manufactures certificate holders to meet your exact standards. Our team is available to assist in planning your holders so the desired finished product is achieved. In addition, we are your resource for case-bound hard cover and soft cover books using adhesive-bound and Smyth-sewn book blocks. Call us today to get started on your next project.

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