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Printed Paper Cover Wraps

The cover of your book is critical to creating a positive first impression. Your choice of cover material affects the book’s functionality, appearance and value to end users. Pease Bindery can help you select from a variety of materials for your hard cover books, including printed paper, imitation leather, book cloth and others. Today we’ll focus on the first of these cover materials, printed and laminated paper.

Economical and Versatile
The versatility of printed sheets makes them a popular and effective book cover. In the turned edge process, printed and laminated covers are glued and wrapped around the binder's board. A plain or printed end sheet is tipped to the book block and adhered to the inside panles of the case attaching the book block to the case.

The turned-edge process using printed paper wraps can be used for many other products, including ring binders, menus and award certificate holders.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when preparing a printed paper cover wrap:

Ask Us for Layout Help – Important details such as score placement are crucial to the success of your printed cover wraps. At Pease Bindery, we are happy to provide a cover wrap layout customized for your application to account for all of these details.

Don’t Forget the Film – Pease Bindery recommends applying film lamination on your printed cover wraps for maximum durability and rub resistance.

Use a Sample as Guidance – A pre-production sample is a great tool for planning your case binding projects. An accurate sample will help you check all dimensions and margins – including those of text pages, cover wraps and the case itself - for proper fit and appearance. Your sample should resemble the finished product as closely as possible by incorporating the exact production stock. Pease Bindery will be glad to help you prepare a pre-production sample; be sure to make your request well in advance of the production date.

The Pease Advantage
Pease Bindery's book planning and production experts specialize in making strong, durable, attractive books. We offer a highly personalized level of service, including customized layout help, to ensure your entire customer experience is enjoyable. Contact Pease Bindery today to begin planning your next book project.

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