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Calculating Overs for Book Applications

Planning a book project of any run length requires the careful exchange of many key pieces of information. One of the most important planning aspects is calculating the amount of “overs” to be supplied. Overs refer to an extra quantity of signatures, end-sheets and cover material used by Pease Bindery for machine setup and normal production spoilage. The required overs are vital to us delivering the quantity of books ordered.

The exact amount of overs needed for each project varies by run length. In general, shorter runs require a higher percentage of overs compared with the delivered quantity, as machine setup requirements are the same regardless of run length.

The following are Pease Bindery’s overage requirements for signatures, end-sheets and cover material:


Shipped Quantity


500 and under

At least 50 overs of each signature.

500 to 10,000

Minimum of 10% overs of each signature.

10,000 and up

Minimum of 5% overs of each signature.


The quantity of end-sheet material required equals the percentage of signature overs supplied with each project.

Cover Material

An overage quantity of cover material is equal to the percentage of additional signatures and end-sheets supplied with each project except when printed covers require film laminating.

Film Lamination – Covers to be film laminated require overage quantities in addition to those stated above.

Shipped Quantity


500 and under

At least 75 overs

500 to 5,000

Minimum of 15%

5,000 and up

Minimum of 10%

A Note About These Numbers
Keep in mind these overage quantities are estimates sufficient for most applications. If your project details dictate the need for additional material, Pease Bindery will inform you of the recommended quantity for your project well in advance of the bindery production schedule. Advance planning ensures this communication goes smoothly and without surprises.

The Pease Bindery Advantage
Our goal at Pease Bindery is to ensure friendly, seamless bindery production resulting in top-quality finished products. Our overage recommendations are one way we ensure you receive the exact number of books requested – on time and in the condition they left our facility. For a stress-free experience on your next hard cover or soft cover book project, call Pease Bindery today to begin planning.

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