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Adhesive Case Binding An Alternative to Sewing

For most hardcover case binding applications, sewn book blocks are the recommended choice offering the highest strength, durability and longevity. However, project considerations such
as end use, budget and book features may make adhesive binding a more attractive choice. Popular for projects such as directories, manuals and promotional materials, adhesive case binding has
distinct planning requirements to follow:

Plan for PUR Adhesive
PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive is the strongest, most durable bookbinding adhesive available. PUR perfect binding is a robust alternative to "typical" perfect binding with hot melt glue and is specifically used to adhere coated and gloss substrates as well as products with heavy ink and coating coverage. Books bound with PUR are flexible, lie flat when open, and are resilient even under extreme conditions.

Grain-parallel is critical:
Print your signatures with the grain direction of all pages parallel to the spine to prevent wavy, weakened spines. Pages will expand after binding as moisture enters the paper fibers. Books bound with the grain perpendicular to the spine will be restricted from this natural expansion, causing distortion to the spine and individual pages. This can result in a misshapen and damaged book.

Plenty of cover choices:
Cases for adhesive-bound books can be decorated with book cloth, printed paper, imitation leather and many other materials. Foil stamping, de-bossing and film laminating can all be used to decorate and further protect your hardcover cases.

Knock Out Inks and Coatings:
Inks and coatings in the gutter of adhesive-bound pages will reduce strength and longevity. Knock out all inks and coatings 1/8" along the spine to ensure proper adhesion. 1/8 inch is also the standard milling depth of most perfect binders. Keep in mind inks and coatings should also be stripped 3/16" short on printed end-sheets and the first and last leaves of the book block where the end-sheets will be glued.

The Pease Bindery Advantage
At Pease Bindery, we offer a complete range of binding and case-making solutions. In addition to adhesive binding, we can perform Smyth sewing to create case-bound books of the highest strength and durability. Contact Pease Bindery today to bring your innovative ideas to life.

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