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Spotlight on a Pease Bindery Specialty Bound Project

Special occasions call for special processes. When the customer wanted to produce a 50-year commemorative book, they came to Pease Bindery to turn this unique specialty project into reality. The Pease binding and finishing experts planned and produced a distinctive solution to house the school’s treasured memories for years to come.

Design Choices
Since the cover is heavy, product strength was a concern. Early in the project planning stage, our team settled on a PUR glue “false” cover book block construction. This decision ensured adequate product strength while maintaining the design elements the customer desired.

The Manufacturing Process
This distinctive project started as many others do in our factory. We decorated the components as necessary; in this case, we blind debossed the front cover (ordinary binder’s board) and foil stamped the black spine tape. Then, the book block was tipped, collated and sewn normally. Next, a “false” cover was added during the PUR glue adhesive binding process. 

Now, for the tricky part:

  • The hard front and back covers were glued to the outside of the false cover
  • The book was pressed off
  • The end sheets were glued to the inside of the false cover
  • The book was again pressed off
  • Previously foil stamped fabric-tape was glued over the spine edge creating an eye catching tape bound spine
  • The book block was trimmed to final size, providing crisp edges without an overhang or “porch” found in similar style products.

The Pease Bindery Advantage
At Pease Bindery, we handle a variety of projects from standard binding to in depth projects like the one outlined above. Our knowledgeable staff can help you create, plan and execute projects with a complete range of binding and casemaking solutions. Contact your Pease Bindery expert today to bring your next innovative idea to life.

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