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Case Bound Directories Are Durable & User-Friendly

Printed endsheets take advantage of valuable directory “real estate” – the inside covers.

An effective directory has two characteristics: it allows users to quickly find the right information, and is built to withstand heavy usage for an extended period of time. These characteristics are critical for phone books, restaurant and hotel guides, recreation guides, and similar applications often used in hotel rooms and lobbies, restaurants, offices, and schools.

The cover of a Case Bound directory will withstand heavy usage and protect the text inside. Pease Bindery would like to help you increase the impact and longevity of your directory by applying a quality hard cover built to last and look great doing it.

Create a durable, eye-catching cover;
A hard cover, attractively printed and then film laminated for durability, provides protection for your text as well as resisting dirt and liquid spills. Additional finishing processes such as foil stamping or debossing can add eye-catching flair to your directory.

Design Tip
The inside covers of a directory are prime real estate for lucrative advertising and directory publishers take full advantage of this sales opportunity. Pease Bindery will maintain the integrity of your inside covers by adhering the hard cover to the existing perfect bound directory cover resulting in the exact same book with added durability.
UV or aqueous coatings can interfere with adhesion. Please request your printer avoid using coatings for the directories being case bound. If you have any other questions regarding directory covers, Contact us in advance of your directory’s production schedule

The Pease Bindery Advantage
At Pease Bindery, we handle a variety of projects from standard binding to in depth projects like the one outlined above. Our knowledgeable staff can help you create, plan and execute projects with a complete range of binding and casemaking solutions. Contact your Pease Bindery expert today to bring your next innovative idea to life.

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