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Speak Volumes with Cloth Book Covers

Cloth book covers are among the most elegant looking options for case bound books. More durable and longer-wearing than paper covers, cloth lends a distinctive feel and appearance to any book, communicating class and permanence to the end-user.

Cloth Covers: The Process
Case binding, also known as turned-edge binding, is performed by wrapping a hard case around an adhesive bound, Smyth sewn or mechanically bound book. This case is formed from binders’ board or chipboard. Prior to this, the cover material is wrapped and glued over the board to be used for the cover. The edges are turned in and a matching liner or end sheets are glued to the inside, sealing the edges and creating a finished case. This same process also can be used for loose-leaf binders.

Fabric Choices
While many lay-people think of chintz and gingham covered journals when cloth is mentioned, the range of available materials is far more broad and versatile.

  • Buckram cloth is a fully-coated duck or oxford cloth with a textured surface. A frequent favorite in the library industry, buckram combines the traditional look of cloth with exceptional wear and stands up to heavy usage. It works well with cover decorations such as foil stamping and embossing.

  • Litho cloth is a fully-coated duck or oxford cloth with an acrylic coating.

  • Linen is another excellent choice, offered with several types of coatings suitable screen printing.

This is just a small sample of the available cloth materials. Not only are there different thicknesses and finishes, many come in a rainbow of color choices.


  • Ordering specific cover materials can take time. Some are produced in other countries or are custom-made. To make sure you allow enough time to keep your project on schedule, involve Pease Bindery early in the planning process.

  • Choose cloth with enough opacity to fully mask the binder’s board. Our staff can help you with your selection.

  • Not all materials are well-suited for foil stamping, embossing or printing. Pease can help you choose the right material for your particular project needs.

About Pease Bindery
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Pease Bindery has served the manufacturing and post press needs of customers in the Midwest and beyond since 1912. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff provides a wide range of exceptional services including case binding, PUR adhesive binding, Smyth sewn soft cover binding, turned-edge loose-leaf ring binders, mechanical binding, concealed Wire-O, foil stamping, de-bossing, film lamination and more. Call Pease Bindery at (402) 476-1303 today to discuss your next project.

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