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Spotlight on a Pease Bindery Special Yearbook Project

Yearbooks commemorate special times and therefore are special projects. When the goal is to create a truly memorable product, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops. Recently, Pease Bindery helped produce a unique school yearbook with the additional purpose of celebrating a town’s centennial anniversary.

Decorative options help to create a timeless keepsake

The dual goal we shared with our customer was to simultaneously showcase the town’s rich history and highlight students from pre-K through the twelfth grade. The Pease Bindery team drew upon a wide range of capabilities and expertise to turn this yearbook project into a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Appealing to the senses
As you can see in the photo, the finished project is appealing on several levels. For starters, your eyes are drawn to the attractive cover design featuring a handsomely wrapped crescent-style suede-like, die cut cover. Running vertically down the front is an elegant debossed image into the suede, perfectly complementing the offset printed portion of the front cover. The stylish, yet understated look means that this clearly is not your average yearbook.

Lasting impression
Thanks to ultra strong Smyth sewn case binding, this commemorative project was manufactured to withstand the test of time. Long a favorite of yearbook and coffee table publishers, premium Smyth sewing is the best binding option available.  When done properly, Smyth sewn books have an intended lifespan measured not in years, but in decades. An additional benefit Smyth sewing is its inherent lay flat ability.

Making it personal
Rare centennial celebrations are once in a lifetime events. Fittingly, our client decided to foil stamp each student’s name on the front cover of their own book. This decorative feature converts a beautiful book into a family heirloom.

Production sequence
At Pease Bindery, we never take any project for granted, regardless of whether one or a dozen manufacturing steps are required. These were the steps involved for this project:

  1. Printed end sheets were tipped-onto the first and last signatures of the intended book block
  2. All signatures were collated into book blocks
  3. Book blocks were Smyth sewn
  4. Printed and laminated cover sheets were wrapped over binder board, partially forming the hard case
  5. Die cut Prestige suede-like material (manufacturer: Ecological Fibers) was applied to the case
  6. The cover was blind debossed
  7. The cover was personalized with gold foil stamping, requiring individually cast magnesium dies
  8. The book was case bound, complete with a round back and head & foot bands.

About Pease Bindery
As the upcoming yearbook season starts heating up, contact Pease Bindery early for all your yearbook projects. Let us advise you on cover and decorative options. Early involvement and planning ensures we will be able to deliver a beautifully bound product within your clients’ demanding timeline expectations. Discover why Pease Bindery should be your yearbook manufacturing expert.

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