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Finishing is All About the Details: Get Text on Book Spines Right

When books are tightly stacked upright on a shelf, the spine is the only area of the book which remains visible. Even the most lavish book cover may not get noticed unless the spine first catches the eye of a browsing book buyer. It’s important to get this detail right.

The spine is the part of a book usually containing the title, author and publisher's name so placing copy in
this area should not be taken lightly. How this important text appears on spines plays a big part in the decision to choose a book. A well-positioned title stands out and
beckons readers to grab
an attractive volume while one which is less visually appealing stands a good
chance of collecting dust.

Everything starts on the spine
Here’s how to get your spine text positioned correctly on bound books, regardless of binding style or selected cover material:

  • Title positioning. When placing title copy on the spine, horizontal centering of text is critical. Since spines are so narrow, any left or right variance is highly noticeable and will be an eyesore. Vertical positioning is also important. Be sure to leave a little room above and below the text so it does not appear crowded.
  • Watch for color breaks. If your cover material is a printed offset sheet, and there’s a color break on either spine edge, make sure the color break wraps 1/16-inch onto the cover, not the spine. If this isn’t done properly, and a color break is noticeable on the spine, you will not be happy with the results.
  • Foil stamping. If the spine is being foil stamped on fabric or cloth, remember to leave a minimum margin of 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch on either side of the spine.

The Pease Advantage
Pease Bindery's book planning and production experts specialize in making strong, durable, attractive books. We offer a highly personalized level of service, including customized layout help, to ensure your entire customer experience is enjoyable. Contact Pease Bindery today to begin planning your next book project.

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