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Yearbooks Are Special Projects Handled With Care

While the names and faces of students may change each school year, one thing remains constant: Students, parents, faculty and other interested people all want yearbooks. Other than a diploma, few items are more symbolic and precious to graduates and current students alike than a commemorative yearbook. As a result, thousands of schools assemble yearbooks every year, creating strong demand for yearbook printing and binding services. Peak production months now stretch from late winter through early summer.

Pease Bindery offers foil stamping and debossing techniques as excellent ways to emphasize school names and logos on your yearbook projects.

Since all of us at Pease Bindery realize how important these precious keepsakes are to recipients, we’ll handle your yearbook projects accordingly, complete with special care. Now is the right time to get a jump on your yearbook planning. Doing this helps prevent production delays and ensure delivery within schools’ ever tightening timelines, arriving as surely as the next report card.

Built to last
Yearbooks are built to last because they must withstand heavy usage and repeated viewings. Properly manufactured yearbooks will preserve lasting memories thanks to ultra-strong Smyth sewn case binding, designed to endure for decades. Smyth sewing is simply the best binding option available and offers user-friendly true lay-flat binding properties.

The Smyth sewing process involves weaving thread through the spines of folded and gathered signatures. Next, the threads are woven along the entire length of the spine, head-to-foot, for uniform strength and appearance.

Cover choices
Common cover wrapping materials include buckram, oxford cloth, imitation leather, linen or litho printed paper. When litho printed covers are the choice, make sure film lamination is specified for both beauty and strength. Non-laminated printed sheets are subject to wear, especially on the cover edges and in the hinge areas near the spine. If your goal is a stately, academic look for your yearbook project, consider imitation leather.

Cover decoration techniques can greatly enhance yearbooks.  Foil stamping, debossing and die cutting are all excellent ways to emphasize school names, logos or other graphic or text elements.

Personalize it
What’s more impressive than a beautiful, expertly produced yearbook?  How about one personalized with the owner’s name?  Pease Bindery can foil stamp or deboss yearbook covers with individual students’ names adorning the cover or spine.

The Pease Advantage
As this year’s yearbook season quickly descends upon us, contact Pease Bindery early to schedule the conversion of all your yearbook projects. Let us help you choose the right cover and decorative options. Early planning ensures we will deliver a beautifully bound product within your clients’ demanding timelines. Discover why Pease Bindery has been entrusted with thousands of yearbook projects over the decades.

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