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Case Binding Helps Make Directories Built to Last

Case binding for directories? Absolutely!

Case bound directories are built to withstand heavy usage
even in the most challenging of settings.

Case binding provides the best protection available to printed material. It offers a classic look, including a variety of decorative options for both covers and end sheets. Case binding is ideal for directory applications (cookbooks and manuals too!) since case bound covers allow pages to lie flat for hands-free use. Renowned for its ability to withstand heavy usage, case bound directories are built to last, even in such unforgiving settings like hotels, restaurants, libraries and schools.

Whether your next directory project is for the hospitality, corporate, industrial or educational market, Pease Bindery can advise you about the case binding options best suited for your directories’ intended use.

Here are some tips to consider when planning your next case bound directory:

  • Making the “Case”: A vitally important component of case binding is the hard “turned-edge” cover, which gives the product its strength, durability and rugged good looks. A “case” is made from cover material glued to and “turned” (wrapped) over board stock. The case is then attached by gluing the end sheets of the book block to the inside of the case. The result is a long lasting, user friendly, attractive case-bound directory.
  • Durable Investment: Publishing and advertising companies placing directories into areas for general public use often have policies regarding the state of the product. A directory with a missing cover or damaged spine must be quickly replaced. Investing in case binding at the outset can avoid damages and eliminate the need for reorders later. Admittedly case binding costs more at the, and as the old adage explains, “You get what you pay for.”
  • Laminated Covers: Add visual “pop” and protection to your printed covers by having Pease film laminate them. Film laminates resist dirt and spills, making them ideal for unpredictable users in restaurants, hotels or heavy industrial and manufacturing environments.

It’s hard to spend a day anywhere without coming into contact with a printed directory of some sort. This is the type of repeating work that most printers love. Keep our phone and contact information handy and let us help you make the most of your future case bound directory opportunities.

The Pease Bindery Advantage
At Pease Bindery, we offer case binding solutions for a wide range of products, including mechanical binding covers, pad holders, binder projects, Smyth sewn case bound books and more. At Pease Bindery, we case bind directories of any size or run length using this method.

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