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Want the Look of Leather Without Paying the Price? Consider Leatherette

Consider leatherette as a decorative option
for your high-end book cover projects.

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then leatherette is paying some high compliments indeed to its more expensive counterpart. Today’s leatherette materials are well-suited for many high-end book cover projects.
It’s getting harder to tell leatherette apart from the real thing. Imitation leather is specially coated and embossed to the customer's desires. Extremely durable, leatherette can be used in any project.

In use for decades, leatherette is certainly not a newcomer to bookbinding. It’s been the material of choice for a variety of published works including high-quality prestigious editions of the classics, medical and reference books and a host of religious texts.

Leatherette’s Benefits

  • When cost is a factor, leatherettes should receive strong consideration. Most leatherettes are the least expensive cover choice.
  • High maintenance is bad. Low maintenance is good. Leatherette is low maintenance. Pull a fine leatherette bound edition off the shelf years later and it will still look like the day it rolled off the assembly line.
  • Who knows why high-end bound books need these characteristics, but in case you’re wondering, leatherette is stain, mildew, scuff and abrasion resistant. 
  • 7 pt and 10 pt imitation leathers are most frequently used for round backed and flat backed books, respectively.
  • Whatever decorations you can imagine, leatherette can take it. Foil stamping, debossing, screen printing and adhesive operations all work wonderfully.
  • Leatherette is incredibly versatile offering various colors, prints and embossing's.

Pease Bindery offers a vast array of leatherette cover materials, enhancing the beauty and desirability of your next project. In addition to books, consider leatherette cover materials for loose-leaf and menu cover projects as well.

The Pease Bindery Advantage
At Pease Bindery, we work with our customers to determine what book cover solutions are appropriate for their unique projects. In addition to genuine and bonded leather, we offer leatherette, book cloth, papers, padded covers and even some plastics to use as cover wraps. Regardless of which material you choose, trust Pease Bindery to help you create durable, attractive books that exceed your expectations

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