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End Sheets Hold Books Together

End sheets hold books together by connecting the cover and book block.

A book’s end sheets are incredibly important to product longevity. Tipped to the first and last signatures and glued to the inside cover, end sheets hold books together connecting the cover and book block. Since end sheets are the only thing attaching the book block to the cover, they should be made of thicker stock than the text pages.

Uncoated stocks are better suited for end sheet use because they have a higher paper fiber content and tensile strength compared to coated paper. Pease Bindery recommends using 65# uncoated cover end sheets. If coated end sheets are absolutely necessary, we recommend either 9pt or 100lb cover stock.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind about end sheets:

  • Consistent Sizing: End sheets must be the same size as the untrimmed, printed and folded signatures. If they’re not, the tipping process (gluing the end sheet to the first and last signatures) becomes manual and increases project costs.
  • Choose from Variety of Colors, Finishes: While plain, unprinted end sheets are certainly common, many hardcover book applications can be enhanced with printed or decorated end sheets. In addition to four-color printing, end sheet stocks are available in many colors and finishes.
  • Add Reinforcement: Large format books with numerous pages and certain landscaped layout books will benefit from end sheet reinforcement. Consider wrapping a gummed cambric tape around the end sheet and signature at the spine edge of the book. Consult with Pease Bindery to discover if your book requires reinforced end sheets.
  • Supply Your Own: Some experienced customers prefer to supply printed end sheets. If you choose to use a stock other than what Pease recommends, contact us to make certain the substrate selected works for your particular project.

The Pease Advantage

At Pease Bindery, we treat end sheets with the same care and attention to detail we put into each aspect of the book binding process. We invite you to take advantage of our many years of experience during the planning stages of your project to ensure the most efficient production and professionally-bound product possible.

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