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Turned-Edge Binders: First Impressions and Beyond

Content will always be important but don’t underestimate the power of a great first impression. In today’s business environment, everything associated with your brand needs to pull its weight. When printed information needs to be housed, removed, replaced and updated, nothing beats the flexibility of a ring binder. When appearance and durability are of paramount importance, the safest choice is a Pease Bindery turned-edge ring binder.

Crafted to last years, turned-edge ring binders made by Pease Bindery look beautiful in the workplace or at home. Users can remove and insert materials with ease.

Decoration, cover material and ring metal options are plentiful. Here are some considerations for your next turned-edge binding project:

  • Turned-edge refers to the process of covering a board with material and “turning” it over the board edges. A separate material referred to as a liner is then applied to the inside covers providing a finished look. At Pease, cover wraps are usually made of printed litho sheets, book cloth or imitation leather.
  • While plenty of attention is paid to what goes on the outside of a turned-edge ring binder, selecting the right ring metal is equally important. Three common ring shapes available to hold standard 8.5”x 11” sheets are round ring, straight D-ring and angle D-ring.
  • Usually metal rings are riveted to a turned edge board and attached either at the spine or the back cover next to the spine. These rivets can be shown as a design element or hidden.
  • Rings needn’t be the standard silver 3-ring variety. Ring metals are available in a variety of colors, diameters and lengths. Non-standard hole-spacing patterns, boosters (levers that open and close the rings), and booster locks are all options as well. Allow time for special orders
  • Popular decorative options for turned-edge binders include foil stamping, debossing and film lamination will provide a protective coating for the most intricate printed piece.

The Pease Advantage
At Pease Bindery, our turned-edge ring binder construction and decoration capabilities are geared to meet your demanding business applications. To facilitate production, we can even provide layouts for your printed paper turned-edge wraps if you require them. Give Pease Bindery a call today to begin planning your next turned-edge ring binder.

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