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The lazy days of summer are behind us. It’s time to start planning the book projects you have remaining for this year. A common mistake is not fully considering how long book production realistically takes from start to finish. Not to throw cold water on a beautiful time of year, but if you need a book by this Thanksgiving, planning really needs to start now.

Create a Project Timeline

If your book copy is written, edited and proofed, and all your graphics are OK’d, you can have bound product in a week, right? Unfortunately the answer is “probably not.” The appropriate lead-time for book binding small to medium run projects (1000-10,000) is fifteen business days … after printing is completed. Printing can take one day to five weeks or longer depending on proofing edits and changes.

Start planning before making distribution promises. Work with your finishing and printing partners to create realistic project timelines working backwards to establish benchmarks with clearly specified attainable dates. Doing this will help avoid headaches leading to unnecessary compromises or production mistakes.

Know Your Materials

There’s more than just mapping out printing and binding production schedules. Allow ample lead-time for delivery of your book component materials. We may need a few days to get sample swatches for your review. Once your material decisions are made, availability and shipping lead times are factored into your timeline too. Some unusual and custom-ordered book materials can be difficult to get in a timely fashion. This isn’t a problem if Pease Bindery knows about your choices well in advance.

Most often, materials are readily available in approximately one week. Let's proactively prevent the inevitable from occurring where the material you desire is on back order or a
special order item. A good rule of thumb is contact your bindery partner with your material selections when you submit the book for printing. This allows enough time for us to order the materials required and ensure we have everything prior to receiving your printed forms.

End-of-Year Shipping Considerations

Shipping times can be longer than usual around the holidays. Plan for additional shipping time when book projects are scheduled during busy months of the year. In today’s era of annoying fuel surcharges, unnecessary rush charges are especially painful.

The Pease Advantage
At Pease Bindery, our binding experts can help you plan your projects to avoid costly rush charges and ensure your product is in the right hands at the right time. Contact Pease Bindery today to get your year-end projects started the right way!

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