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Five Benefits of Outsourcing Post Press Work

Some printers think of outsourcing post press operations for only one reason: as a release valve for overflow projects stressing their capacity. Yes, outsourcing works for this reason, but there are five others to be considered as well.

Additional Revenue – Outsourcing allows printers to “expand their briefcase” of services. For example, most printers don’t offer case binding services in house so their choice is clear: Either pass on any printing project involving case binding or bid them and win both the printing and the mark-up on the outsource bindery service.

Consistent Quality – Businesses should emphasize their core competencies. Putting ink on paper involves different core competencies than converting paper to final form. Even printers with the right post press equipment are often unable to deliver the same quality level as binderies specializing in this type of work. Rather than attempt unfamiliar operations, be safe and choose an expert partner capable of delivering the quality you need.  

Reduced Liability – For technically challenging work of a type you rarely see, it’s safer to let a trusted sourcing partner do the work for you. Yes, you may be able to get a job running, but if you’re not dealing with this everyday, your production time and spoilage figures may disappoint both your customer and CFO.

Extended Cash Flow – Outsourcing to trade binderies is an intelligent financial decision Not only are you making money on work you didn’t have to perform, but if you work with a finisher offering Net-30 day terms, you get to hold on to your cash an extra 27-1/2 days on average. (Companies with a weekly payroll are net 2-1/2 days on average.) For obvious reasons, extending your cash as far as possible is particularly crucial in today’s economy.

Reduced Staffing Requirements – Outsourcing on a regular basis to a competent trade bindery will help you reduce your staffing requirements. Instead of hiring additional employees and searching for things for them to do in down time, you can transfer under-used employee risk to your bindery partner and let them manage this vexing issue.

The Pease Bindery Advantage
Pease Bindery offers a variety of binding solutions for a wide range of products, including concealed Wire-O covers, certificate and pad holders, turned-edge binders, perfect bound and Smyth sewn books and more. Please contact us, as a compliment to your services, the next time customers request a quote for book binding.

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