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Spotlight on a Pease Bindery
Specialty Project Missale Romanum

Pease Bindery knows the importance of properly created books, especially for religious organizations. When the famed Benizger Brothers’ Missale Romanum was being reproduced for the first time since 1962, no one but Pease Bindery was trusted to bind and finish the project. This intricately decorated book had to be made with form and function blended in perfect harmony. As one of the most used books in the Catholic faith, this Pease Bindery-bound product must be durable enough to withstand frequent use over a long period of time. In addition, it must have fitting decorative adornments for such a work.

Building the Book Block
The 1312 page book is comprised of 82 sixteen page signatures, each held together using the most durable method available, Smyth sewing. Prior to sewing, precut end sheets were tipped to the front and back signatures of the book block. The selected 67# vellum was either red or green, matching the cover color.

Decoration and Adornments
Dark gold gilding was manually applied to the head, foot and face of the book block and 16 tabs of bonded leather were glued “clamshell style” with protruding leather tabs to the front edge of the book. Eight ribbons were attached to the spine, two red, two green, two purple and two white, each made of durable poly-grosgrain and held in place with a gold lead. Each ribbon is 15-3/4” long and the bottom edge was folded and button-sewn to create a bow at the page bottom.

Creating the Cover
Bonded leather cover material, either red or green, was wrapped around double thick hard cover board, forming the case and then gold foil stamped. Five spine hubs were made from a mold and manually applied to the spine of the book. The completed cover was adhered to the book block, completing this attractive and very durable product.

This high profile Benizger Brothers’ Missale Romanum project required careful planning and many different binding and finishing processes. The post press experts at Pease Bindery were pleased to be entrusted with this rare work.

The Pease Bindery Advantage
Pease Bindery handles a wide variety of projects and serve many industries, including the religious community. Our knowledgeable staff can help you create, plan and execute projects with a range of binding and case-making solutions. Contact your Pease Bindery expert today to bring your next innovative idea to life.

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