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Sometimes called turned-edge binding, case binding provides the best protection available to printed material. Cover “cases” are formed from bindery boards such as chipboard, which is glued to a cover material that is wrapped or ‘turned over’ the board. The case is then attached to the signature by gluing endsheets – separate leaves attached to the book block by a method called tipping. The result is a finished book that’s both durable and attractive.

Phone Directory Case Binding
Phone directory editions are often left in very public places and placed at the mercy of very unpredictable users. Hotels, resorts, dorm rooms and offices are just a few places that benefit from protecting their directories with the upscale look of case binding, which are laminated to add durability to covers and give images that extra ‘pop’. At Pease Bindery, we case bind directories of any size or run length using this method.

Phone Directory Case Binding

Smyth Sewn Case Binding
A true layflat binding style that is ideal for books meant to stand the test of time, Smyth sewing is a process of weaving thread through the spines of folded and gathered signatures. The threads are woven along the entire length of the spine, head to foot, for uniform strength and appearance. A thin layer of glue is then applied to the spine of the sewn signatures. This process is called “back gluing” or “gluing off”, and adds to the strength of the book by locking the signatures together and preventing the threads from unraveling. The second part of this binding style is the hard cover or case. The sewn book block is then adhered to the case.

Smyth Sewn Case Binding


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