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Perfect binding, sometimes called adhesive binding, is the process of using spine glue to create a “book block.” Signatures are gathered together and the spine edge is subjected to a grinding wheel to expose paper fibers, increasing surface area for better glue adhesion. A hot melt adhesive is then applied to the roughened spine edge of the book block to adhere the sheets. Pease Bindery can bind perfect bound books as thin as 1/16” and as thick as 2-7/16”.

Perfect Case Binding
Pease Bindery can perform perfect binding in conjunction with case binding to create perfect bound hard cover books. For certain projects, this economical combination can help reduce costs without sacrificing book strength or durability versus Smyth sewn case binding.

PUR Adhesive Binding
PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive binding is available at Pease Bindery. PUR is the strongest, most durable bookbinding adhesive available. PUR perfect binding is a robust alternative to "typical" perfect binding with hot melt glue and is specifically used to adhere coated and gloss substrates as well as products with heavy ink and coating coverage. Books bound with PUR are flexible, lie flat when open, and are resilient even under extreme conditions.



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